Our mission

We are the future of repositioning

Our mission is to develop new effective medicines for the local treatment of serious, acute and chronic inflammatory diseases that have significant consequences for patients and society and for which there is currently no optimal treatment.

Our Why

1,2 million
New peritonitis cases per year in EU, US and Japan
16 million
Estimated Skin Ulcer patients in the EU, US and Japan
$9,4 billion
Global market value on Colorectal cancer

Our drug development strategy

Local drug administration is very beneficial for patients as it allows for precision targeting. By delivering drugs directly to the specific area of concern, it minimizes systemic exposure to other areas of the body, reducing the risk of side effects and adverse reactions. This approach also means less exposure to metabolic processes in the liver, ensuring that the medication remains more potent and effective where it should. Lower systemic exposure and reduced metabolism translate to lower overall dose requirements, which can be a game-changer for patient safety as the amount of medication they need is reduced. In essence, local administration maximizes therapeutic benefits while minimizing potential risks. This is the foundation of Reponex Pharmaceuticals’ drug development strategy.


Drug candidates

Our clinical pipeline

The full Pharma Equity Group drug candidate pipeline holds a total of 6 drug candidates, which are divided into the 4 treatment areas Bacterial Peritonitis, Skin Ulcer (infected Chronic and Chronic skin ulcers), Crohn’s disease and Pouchitis and finally Colorectal cancer and Colon Adenomas. Please press below link to get the clinical phase overview of each of the candidates.

Bacterial Peritonitis


Infected Chronic Skin Ulcers & Chronic skin ulcers

RNX-021, RNX-022, RNX-023

Crohn’s disease and Pouchitis
Colorectal Cancer &
Colon Adenomas