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Thomas Kaas Selsø

Chief Executive Officer

TKS serves as CEO in Pharma Equity Group and in Reponex Pharmaceuticals.

TKS has more than 20 years of experience as CEO and CFO of various companies. He has extensive experience within all aspects of economy and accounting, including financial management, financial accounting (IFRS & ÅRL), strategic analysis, M&A, valuation, and due diligence. He has worked for different listed companies such as Lex Invest, Foreningen Fast Ejendom and DSV and for private equity funds such as Polaris and Maj-Invest. TKS has previously also been appointed by Kromann Reumert and Danske Bank as a board member in the reconstruction of the clothing company Moss Copenhagen and has previously been appointed by Jyske Bank in a financially distressed case.


TKS has previously been CFO at North Risk, a Private Equity fund owned group of companies. Throughout his career as CFO and management consultant he has gotten a great understanding of business and extensive national and international experiences within multiple industries.

He has more than 17 years of experience as associate professor at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), teaching in Accountancy (IFRS & ÅRL)) and M&A, among others, at different levels (MBA, CMA, HA, HD(R)).

Christopher Burton

Chief Medical Officer

Christopher Burton, English nationality, has been the CMO of Reponex Pharmaceutical A/S’ since June 1, 2023.  Christopher is an accomplished and results-driven industry physician with extensive experience in clinical research and development, as our new Chief Medical Officer, CMO, and an important addition to Reponex senior management team.

Dr Burton brings a wealth of expertise in developing strategies for pharmaceutical products, encompassing all phases of development from discovery to market. His professional medical career spans 25 years, having qualified as a medical doctor from Imperial College, London in 1998. Dr Burton worked for several years in clinical medicine to the level of registrar, is a Member of the Royal College of Physicians, and has international clinical experience from working in hospitals in England, Australia, and Denmark. He subsequently completed a PhD in transplant immunology at University of Copenhagen, before transitioning to the pharmaceutical industry in 2007.

During his industry career, Dr Burton has experience from both large and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies (Novo Nordisk and ALK), as well as small MedTech and biotech companies. Dr Burton has also provided clinical development and medical affairs consultancy services to a wide range of pharmaceutical clients supporting global, regional, or national initiatives across a range of therapeutic indications linked to inflammation, immunology, metabolic disease, and haematological and solid organ malignant disease. He has previously been involved in the development and commercialization of global brands and has a global network and contacts with key opinion leaders and pharmaceutical industry professionals.

Lars Skriver

Chief Operating Officer

Biochemistry, Protein Research and Industry background.

Lars Skriver is a highly experienced professional with a strong background in biochemistry, boasting over 40 years of expertise in lipid and protein chemistry.

With over three decades of dedicated service in the pharmaceutical industry, he has held key leadership roles, including serving as the Co-founder and Managing Director at L&K Bioscience and as the COO at Serendex Pharmaceuticals A/S.

Prior to that, Lars contributed his knowledge as a Senior Science Officer at Savara Pharmaceuticals and gained valuable experience through various pharmaceutical development positions at Novo Nordisk A/S. His wealth of experience encompasses extensive expertise in Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC), making him a valuable asset to the field

Lars Otto Uttenthal

Chief Scientific Officer

Lars Otto Uttenthal (Dr. Phil. Oxford) brings a wealth of expertise to the table with a distinguished career spanning over 45 years in clinical medicine and biomedical research.

With a strong academic background, he has previously conducted research at renowned institutions such as the Universities of Oxford, London and Madrid, and held the position of Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Salamanca.

In addition to his impressive research background, Dr. Uttenthal has over 22 years of experience in leading research and development efforts within the medical industry.

Notably, he excels  in the domain of intellectual property, having successfully conceived a considerable number of patent applications and navigated them through the application process, making him a valuable asset in the world of innovative healthcare.


René Egebro

Principal CMC consultant

Chemistry manufacturing and controls.

Rene Egebro, a Cand. Pharm. graduate from the University of Copenhagen, has accumulated over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development.

His extensive expertise covers CMC, analytical development, outsourcing, manufacturing, quality control, and more, encompassing various product types.

As a former CMC outsourcing manager, he successfully guided numerous projects from discovery to launch, compiling over 20 IMPD’s/IND’s.

Before founding his consultancy in 2012, Rene worked at prominent companies like Novo Nordisk, Neurosearch, and H. Lundbeck. He specializes in aiding small biotech and pharma companies, employing a proactive, detail-oriented, and energetic approach. Rene excels as a team player and communication expert, with skills extending to optimizing CMC costs for sponsors.

Camilla Zøllner

Qualified Person (QP)

Drug and manufacturing Quality.

Camilla Zøllner is a highly experienced Qualified Person (QP) with a Cand. Pharm. (M.Sc. in Pharmacy) degree from The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy.

With over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Camilla has held key positions at renowned companies including Coloplast A/S, Novo Nordisk, Biopharm, Savara ApS, and Sanofi. She currently serves as a Quality Consultant at Reponex Pharmaceuticals via PharmaRelations, where her responsibilities encompass a wide array of crucial tasks. She plays a pivotal role in approving key project deliverables, managing CMOs, overseeing QMS and project activities, and handling quality contracts, supplier approvals, audits, batch reviews, releases, and certifications, from API to finished products.

Camilla’s expertise extends to hosting regulatory inspections, ensuring the highest standards in pharmaceutical quality and compliance.

Heidi Arp-Nielsen

Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Regulatory strategy and Global compliance.

Heidi Arp-Nielsen, a Regulatory Affairs Consultant with over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, currently serves as Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist at KLIFO and as an RA Consultant at Reponex Pharmaceuticals A/S.

Holding a master’s degree in pharmacy from Copenhagen University, she has worked with regulatory compliance in roles at Novo Nordisk A/S and Lundbeck A/S.

Heidi excels in developing and executing global regulatory strategies, interpreting guidelines, and coordinating EU and US procedures, contributing to numerous regulatory approvals.

She is known for her strategic mindset, strong teamwork, and international adaptability.

Mathilde Bech Strube

Research Scientist in CMC

Immunology and Biotechnology.

Mathilde Bech Strube is a research scientist specializing in Immunology and alternative antibiotic research. With a master’s degree in Biotechnology, she has honed her expertise in the field of polyphenols as alternatives to antibiotics. Mathilde plays a crucial role in supporting CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control) activities at Reponex, focusing on drug development and manufacturing initiatives.

She also contributes to the reseach and development process by researching the immunologic responses to further enhance Reponex’s drug development efforts.

Sebastian Bo Jakobsen

Manager of scientific development

Research, Data science and line management.

Sebastian has a Master’s degree in Cognitive Science, Cand IT, from Aarhus University. He entered the pharmaceutical industry in 2020. His professional journey has seen him take on diverse roles, from data scientist, scientific developer to CEO. Currently serving as the Manager of Scientific Development, Sebastian plays a pivotal role in leading teams and offering crucial support to Reponex’s drug development projects across CMC, non-clinical, and clinical areas.

He actively supports the management of Reponex with his great overview and hereby support the development of strategic decisions that guide the company’s future endeavors.

Peter Ekman

Financial Manager

PE serves as Financial Manager in Pharma Equity Group and in Reponex Pharmaceuticals.

PE has more than 20 years of experience as CFO/CA and board member of various companies. He has extensive experience within all aspects of economy and accounting, including financial management, financial accounting (IFRS & ÅRL) ect.

PE has in several years worked for a listed company including a period as board member. He has experience with rules for listed companies and listed companies’ capital ratios.

PE has previously been CEO of his own company and board member for several different companies and thus has extensive experience with most aspects of companies’ administrative and financial matters.