We emphasize IR integrity and transparency. Together we transform the potential.

Company Profile

To Pharma Equity Group, openness and transparency are essential in maintaining good relations with investors. The company aims to give the market open, satisfactory information about the company’s operations, strategy and results with a view to ensuring fair pricing of the share and to contribute to ensuring good corporate governance.

All stakeholders should have fast, equal access to important information about the company’s development and growth. One of the ways this is effectuated is by publicizing in-house knowledge in company announcements to Nasdaq Copenhagen, which are subsequently made available at the company’s website, www.pharmaequitygroup.com.

Investors and other interested parties can sign up for notification of published company announcements, newsletters and other material in the investor section of the website. Other publicized information, including general corporate and investor presentations, are made available to the general public on the website.

To ensure an efficient, expedient dialog with our shareholders, the company encourages its shareholders to let their shareholding be registered and to participate in Annual General Meetings. Investor Relations is also responsible for ensuring that information from the company’s IR stakeholders is passed on to the Management and the Board of Directors of the Company.

Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Kaas Selsø

Shareholder portal

Access below direct link to Euronext securities’ shareholder portal, which has the purpose of registrating all ownership relationship and revenue concerning stocks registrated on Nasdaq OMX. 

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