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Presentation and valuation of Pharma Equity Group (PEG) - 30.05.2023

HC Andersen Capital has reviewed PEG and has created a 1-pager on it. In their review, they include a description of the company and what drives the value of PEG. HC Andersen Capital also looks at 3 different scenarios for the value of the company. In their base case scenario, they calculate a value of DKK 1.7 billion. dkr.

Who is Pharma Equity Group?

Pharma Equity Group, a publicly-traded entity on the Nasdaq Copenhagen Stock Exchange, focuses its core efforts on nurturing Reponex Pharmaceuticals A/S, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. Reponex Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to developing innovative treatments for diseases with substantial societal and patient impacts, especially where current therapies lack efficacy.

Pharma Equity Group’s central mission is to support Reponex Pharmaceuticals’ growth and success. The company collaborates closely with Reponex Pharmaceuticals, tapping into the experience of its professionals in the fields of life sciences, investment, and business development.

With a particular interest in early-stage biotech firms, Pharma Equity Group recognizes the potential in Reponex Pharmaceuticals’ novel therapies. By retaining Reponex Pharmaceuticals in its portfolio, Pharma Equity Group ensures a focused and strategic approach to its advancement.

Pharma Equity Group also boasts an extensive network of industry partners and advisors, further bolstering its commitment to Reponex Pharmaceuticals’ growth. Their strategy emphasizes cost-efficiency and flexibility, enabling rapid resource mobilization, a pivotal element for the success of Reponex Pharmaceuticals’ innovative projects.

The indirect official listing of Reponex Pharmaceuticals A/S increases the Pharma Equity Group’s flexibility to fund potential acquisitions by using new shares as funding through equity funding by means of future issuances of new shares, with or without pre-emptive rights for existing shareholders, as payment.

Business strategy

Pharma Equity Group’s business strategy centers around a dedicated commitment to advancing its subsidiary, Reponex Pharmaceuticals A/S. With a tailored investment approach, our primary focus is on driving the growth and prosperity of Reponex Pharmaceuticals through strategic investments. We recognize the exceptional value of Reponex Pharmaceuticals within our portfolio and, as such, direct our resources towards supporting the progression of their clinical candidates and innovative therapies designed to address unmet medical needs and enhance patient outcomes.

Our investment philosophy is anchored in thorough assessments of various factors, including the strength of Reponex Pharmaceuticals’ management team, product viability, growth potential, and the competitive landscape. The objective is to align investments with Reponex Pharmaceuticals’ long-term objectives while maintaining a well-balanced portfolio to optimize risk diversification.


While we maintain a comprehensive investment strategy within the life science industry, our current primary investment focus is firmly dedicated to fostering the growth and success of Reponex Pharmaceuticals A/S. Leveraging our expertise, resources, and extensive industry network, we are resolute in advancing Reponex Pharmaceuticals’ groundbreaking therapies and maximizing their potential for enduring returns.

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Pharma Equity Group
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Contact us at info@pharmaequitygroup.com

For any drug quality issues, complaint or adverse events contact us at: quality@reponex.dk