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To give you a glimpse into the work that we do at Pharma Equity Group A/S, we have created a series of video presentations, interviews, and other multimedia content that showcases and explains what Pharma Equity Group is and how we are developing. 

Our video presentations include in-depth explanations of company structure, share development, status of our pipelines and their market potential. 

In an interview, Pharma Equity Group (Reponex Pharmaceuticals), in collaboration with Dansk Aktionærforening, provided a platform for its CEO, Thomas Kaas Selsø, to discuss Reponex Pharmaceuticals’ ongoing battle against inflammatory diseases, particularly those affecting the bowel, intestines, and wound care. Thomas passionately emphasized the critical significance of shedding light on the severe inflammatory diseases that have a profound impact on patients’ lives. He eloquently detailed Reponex’s unwavering commitment to improving the treatment landscape for these debilitating conditions. It was a conversation that not only highlighted the urgency of our mission but also underscored the dedication of Reponex Pharmaceuticals in advancing medical solutions that hold the potential to transform and restore the lives of those affected by these life-altering diseases.

 Watch the full presentation and discussion in the video below.

During the 2023 Life Science Seminar 31 of August 2023, Reponex Pharmaceutical’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Christopher Burton, and CEO, Thomas Kaas Selsø, in partnership with HC Andersen Capital, delivered an insightful presentation. They shed light on their promising drug candidates aimed at addressing critical medical challenges. The audience gained valuable insights into potential treatments for conditions such as Bacterial Peritonitis, Pouchitis, Wound Healing, Crohn’s Disease, Colon Adenoma, and Colorectal Cancer. This collaborative effort showcased their commitment to advancing healthcare solutions and left attendees eager to see how these candidates might shape the future of medicine.

 Watch the full presentation and discussion in the video below.

On the 16th of August 2023, CEO Thomas Kaas Selsø presented the consolidated interim report for the first 6 months of 2023. The Presentation was done in collaboration with HC Andersen Capital. Watch the full presentation and discussion in the video below.

Below you can watch a presentation from CEO of Pharma Equity Group, Thomas Kaas Selsø. Thomas presents the interim financial report from first quarter of 2023. The interview is conducted in collaboration with HC Andersen Capital (In Danish). 

Below you can watch some of the highlights from Pharma Equity Groups’s first day on Nasdaq Copenhagen. The Team behind Pharma Equity Group visitied the Copenhagen stock exchange (In Danish). 

Watch the latest presentation from Pharma Equity Group with Forthcoming CEO Thomas Kaas Selsø. The presentation was done in collaboration with HC Andersen Capital. In the presentation Thomas elaborates on Pharma Equity Group’s market potential and how the first day on the stock exchange has been. (The presentation is in Danish).

Watch the presentation from Pharma Equity group with Forthcoming CEO Thomas Kaas Selsø and COO of Reponex pharmaceuticals A/S Torsten Bjørn. The presentation was done in collaboration with HC Andersen Capital. In the presentation Thomas and Torsten Elaborate on the clinical programs in Reponex Pharmaceuticals and the structure of Pharma Equity Group (The presentation is in danish).

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